Ali Futrell


Four years ago I started as a Henna Body artist at local street fairs then transferred my designs onto different surfaces. My journey is an exploration of original creations that inspired one thing after another. I like my work to involved diverse objects and designs creating a unique shop of my art that I am more than happy to share with you!

Turquoise Smudge Bundle

Turquoise Smudge Bundle


Hand Made Turquoise Smudge Bundle || Made with healing + cleansing powers. 


-TURQUOISE STONE: strengthening, protective, healing energy

-PALO SANTO: light end on fire, then blow out to let smoke. Move in circular motion to cleanse + purify air + energy.

-SELENITE CRYSTAL: healing properties, improves mental clarity, cleanses negative energy, brings tranquility + peace. Place next to bed, under bed, in car, or on desk.

-DRIED SEASONAL FLOWERS: added for sent, plants have healing + cleansing qualities in various forms as well.

Made with Love in Granite Bay, California. 

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